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Awesome Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic

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Every blog owner is hungry for traffic and one should be after all the hard work he or she puts in writing good blog posts. A blogger gets good amount of traffic for sure when you write up unique content but still there are always some ways to increase traffic and it somehow satisfy the need of blogger which ofcourse is a good amount of traffic. Anyway in today's post i am sharing with you is a trick about increasing your blog traffic. 

Quick Tip :
First you should know a good blog is well managed blog and a well managed blog focus on interlinking the content. If you have a lot of content or posts interlinked in your blog your blog will have good reputation in search listings. It definitely improves your ranking. 
So keep this basic rule in mind whenever you are writing on your blog don't forget to link the related content  or posts on your blog. 
It does have its other benefits as well for example stealing or copying of your content becomes difficult for others lazy bloggers and the might prevent them copying your stuff because they don't want to remove too much links in your content.

Now here is the real deal! 

Although you have much content interlinked on your blog , but what actually increase your blog's rating in Google searches and other search engines is your users/visitors clicking or browsing through those links. 

A question arise how do we get people to click that linked content or pages or posts?
Answer is, there are two ways,
  1. The link you are creating between posts or content must be really of use or highly related to your current post,  It should be like for example if you are reviewing a phone or device in your one post you must provide a link to a post where you have specification of that phone or device you are reviewing the visitor must be really interested in knowing the specs of that device.
  2. The other way is to attract people by having good and stylish and attractive related posts widgets at the end of posts. There are many "Related Posts Widgets" the best one is with the thumbnail and a little description. A little responsiveness and good style would definitely attract the visitor to view from related posts.
One good related post widget is Linkwithin Related post widget, It is easy to embed and light to load on blog. You can find it here

If you are a pro and can modify the template the It is recommended to use some custom "Related post widget" instead of third party widget like Linkwithin.

If you follow above mentioned tips then it would definitely help you increasing your blog traffic as visitors stays longer at your website browsing through, and also your page views will increase.
I hope you like my writing, Please like and share this post with your friends and discuss and share your opinion about my writing in comments below :) 

Following two posts explains very well about how to add Related posts widgets


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