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Easiest Way to Add Related Post Thumbnail Widget On Blogger

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Related Post Widget is very important and does have its benefits to bloggers as it is very helpful in increase blogs traffic and page views and keeps visitors longer on your website. We discussed it in "Awesome Ways To Increase Blog's Traffic"

In this post i would explain the easiest way to to install Related post widget on blogger if you don't want to go into too much coding and complex template modification then the easiest way for you to have Related Post Thumbnail Widget on Blogger is LinkWithin Related Post Widget on blogger's blog, It is very easy to install it on blogger all you need to do is just follow few simple steps and you will have it on your blog within few minutes.

1. ) Go To LinkWithin.Com
You'll have following options there

2.) Enter Your Information
Enter your email
Blogger Link : Enter your blog URL
Platform : It can be installed on various platforms, choose blogger
Width : Select number of stories or post with thumbnail you want to appear in related posts.

3. ) Now Click on Get Widget! Then you'll be redirected to a page 

4. ) Click on Install Widget
5. ) On the next page it will ask your permission to add on blogger. 
Click Add Widget
You are Done!  Now you have a related post widget on your blogger blog.

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  1. thanks for this post. It works on my blog


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